Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Some submission opportunities in early 2014

Gee it's 2014 already, and where to send all those lovely poems and stories? Here are some ideas.

The Letters Page - deadline 15th January for issue three. Theme 'The Travelling Light Issue' for details see here  Garden Room Writer Ann Hull has a letter published in issue 1 here

BBC Radio 4 Drama Readings Unit - seeks short stories for reading on BBC Radio 4 Opening Lines. Stories can be submitted between 6th January and 14th February 2014, and must be between 1,900 and 2,000 words in length. See here
Number Eleven - fiction only see here  Open submission. I have a story in the most recent issue here

The Weary Blues - poetry, short fiction and visual art. See here I also have a story in the most recent issue here

The Moth - poetry and prose, opens for submissions on 01st February 2014. See here 

The Pickled Body - a call for submissions of poetry for issue 1.2 on the theme of “Amuse-Bouche” see here  deadline 31st January 2014.

Bare Fiction Magazine - a call for submissions for their July issue - poetry, short fiction, and plays see here

Cease Cows - fiction and prose poems, see here

Southword - opens to submissions of poetry and short fiction in mid-January. For further details see here  Garden Room Writer Maureen Curran has a poem in a previous issue here

Burning Bush 2 - poetry and some flash fiction, open for submissions for issue 7 until 01st March. See details here

Spontaneity - submissions by 31st January - poetry, short fiction, flash see here

The Long Story, Short - fiction only, over 4,000 words, see here

Bare Hands Poetry - poetry and photography submissions, see here

The Francis MacManus Short Story Prize 2014 - deadline 31st January, word count 1,800-2,000, writers must be born or resident in Ireland. Shortlist read on RTE radio series. See here

The Stinging Fly is open again in February (now changed to March), see submission details here  poetry and short story. Oh how I've tried to get a story into this one - darn it! Try again Deirdre.

And, for the big prize money, The Davy Byrnes Short Story Award 2014. Judges Ann Enright, Yiyun Lu and Jon McGregor, deadline 03rd February 2014. First prize €15,000, entrants must be Irish citizens, resident or born in Ireland. See here 

So, send out that finished work.

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