Maureen Curran

I write poetry and occasionally flash fiction. I’m a teacher of English and History at Loreto Community School in Milford, Co Donegal and while my degree is in English and History, I really came to writing through the classroom. 
I was successful with developing my students’ creative writing and asked in 2010 by Dr Kevin Mc Dermott, who worked with Second Level Support Services at the time, to deliver a workshop to other English Teachers called Drawing it Out. That workshop was subsequently published in Teaching English Magazine. 
I was one of the organisers of North West Words monthly readings in Letterkenny for five years and the organiser of NWW Writing Weekend. 
I believe the conversation and support of other writers found in workshops and groups inspires and sustains my writing. I love live poetry readings; engaging in the shared experience of both listening and reading.
I am working towards the publication of my manuscript "Shelter". 

You can read some of my poems online on the Our Work Online page of this blog.

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