Maureen Curran

I write poetry and flash fiction. I’m a teacher of English and History at Loreto Community School in Milford, Co Donegal and really came to writing through the classroom. I was successful with developing my students’ creative writing and asked by my hero Dr Kevin Mc Dermott, who worked with Second Level Support Services at the time, to deliver a workshop to other English Teachers called Drawing it Out. That workshop was subsequently published in Teaching English Magazine. 
My poetry has been published in Boyne Berries, Burning Bush 2, Crannog, Envoi,  Lake Poetry, Poetry Bus, Skylight 47, The Stony Thursday Book, Southword, Spontaneity, Revival, Word Bohemia. My flash fiction has been published on
I was one of the organisers of North West Words monthly readings in Letterkenny for five years and the organiser of NWW Writing Weekend.
You can read some of my poems online on the Our Work Online page of this blog.

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