Thursday, 23 February 2017

Show me the money!

Claire Hennessy wrote a useful piece in the Irish Times about the reality of being a children's author with respect to earning an income. It would be easy to become deflated by the realisation that earning a comfortable living by becoming a children's author is not an easy or common scenario for many. However, with challenges come opportunities and it is inspiring to read about people who do still work full or part-time while managing to write and publish their work.
It's a tough industry and, while I know it doesn't pay the bills, the reward gained from meeting other creative like-minded souls, laughing together, sharing work and celebrating each others successes is equally as valuable to me.
But, another tip that may help, which for some reason keeps popping into my head, is something Steve Martin said which is: 'Be so good they can't ignore you.' And Steve Martin did ok so I think that's good advice!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Garden Room Writers Artists' date with Errigal Writers

The Glenveagh Room at Arnolds Hotel Dunfanaghy
Saturday morning, I stroll Dunfanaghy, a pretty town twenty-five minutes from home, the sun tries to break out and the rain holds off for the moment. Half my mind is logging off, detaching from the working week, seizing  a moment to draw breath in what has been a really busy year at work. The other half, I hope the right side of the old brain, is firing on all cylinders.
I am on mid-term break, the Mock exams are over, and I am on an artists' date with Garden Room Writers and our more experienced writing friends, the Errigal Writers. I defer the opportunity for a lie in for the opportunity to spend creative time together with these writers in the hope of generating new work. Friendships overlap between writers in the two groups and Deirdre from our group and Averil from Errigal Writers have suggested an Artists' Date. In each group we feel the need for a bit of energy, for some stocktaking and are curious to see if sharing creative dates together might be useful.  

Sunday, 19 February 2017

North West Words February Event - 23rd February at 8pm in Cafe Florence

The North West Words February event is next Thursday at 8pm in Cafe Florence, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal. Kate Newmann, poet and co-founder of Summer Palace Press,  will be there to announce the winner and runners-up in the North West Words and Donegal Creameries Poetry Competition 2016. There will be readings of all the shortlisted poems, and the monthly open mic - a great evening of new poetry.