Monday, 1 September 2014

My flash fiction 'Only Words' in The Incubator Journal issue 2

I'm delighted to say that I have a flash fiction story in issue 2 of the new journal, The Incubator.

It's an ezine edited by Kelly Creighton with a website here which publishes fiction and other media. In various submission calls it also seeks essay, poetry, review and memoir. See their submission policy for more detail. The next call for submissions opens during the month of September for issue 3. So, brush up that work and send it on in.

My flash is called 'Only Words' and is a 500 word flash fiction. It was inspired, in a weird kind of way, by my husband's love of dictionaries, and, in particular, by his fascination with the OED. Not that he's the character in my flash... God no. I took the idea of the love of dictionaries and tried to imagine the worst possible revenge from a scorned lover.... as you might. And, I must admit to borrowing a few ideas from the slaggings of one of my teenage daughters. But, I actually did research the wonderful OED, and I have to agree that it is a truly remarkable piece of work.

I must say, I really enjoyed writing the piece, and it has always gone down well with audiences at readings. I've read it at gigs a few times, because flash seems to be a good choice for prose writers. The story is humorous (or at least it's meant to be) which works well too. Anyway, I've read it at North West Words in Letterkenny, and it was also chosen for the Flash Fury event in Arthur's Pub, Dublin in June. Here's a picture of me reading it for International Flash Fiction Day.

All in all, it has served me well. I wish it good luck as it makes its way out into the big, bad world of published print.  

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