Sunday, 8 March 2015

Fat Fox Books

My Sunday evening activities are a classic example of why I seem to struggle to get anything written these days...I sit down with the best of intentions of writing, then I come across a really useful website on publishing for children's writing and before I know it, three hours later, I may have a little further insight into the publishing industry...but have I actually written anything?, of course I haven't. So, to make myself feel a bit better I am sharing with you the lovely website I came across for Fat Fox Books. It is a new independent publishing company and publishes books for children aged 3-14. They are one of few publishers that accept unsolicited material - submission details are here. The website also has links to other useful sites for children's writing that you can spend hours (yes, hours) browsing. Time for bed. Tomorrow I will write something BEFORE I switch on the computer.

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