Tuesday, 22 March 2016

New Series of Workshops with Denise Blake at Carn Lodge

Denise Blake has just announced a Spring series of workshops from her home Carn Lodge in Ramelton. These begin on the 12th April and run for six Tuesday evenings. 

It was at a series of these workshops that the Garden Room Writers met way back in 2009/10.
We learned to explore our creativity, our voices, our writing ambitions in a safe and encouraging environment. Denise's facilitating style is gentle and respectful and she brings many years of writing and facilitating experience to the table, as well as good coffee and a warm welcome. When the workshops ended we decided to see if we'd manage to keep meeting and keep writing and here we are six years on, meeting, writing, reading and publishing.

It's much easier not to write in a vacuum. As a beginner writer you have a yard stick, you have peer encouragement, you generate ideas by bouncing your own ides off others'. 

When people ask me about joining a group, or beginning to write I direct them to a workshop and to North West Words. There you will meet people in the same boat, interested in writing and maybe looking for writers to hook up with. The major advantage is that these opportunities are managed; crucially, there is time to find out if you can work with the people you meet there. 

If you want to begin writing or return to it after a break, try these workshops with Denise, see where the pen takes you. 

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