Saturday, 8 April 2017

Magic Minutes

Our writing group meets every three weeks and the idea is that we each prepare a piece of writing to bring along and share with the group. Three weeks can go by very quickly and, more often than not, I find that once again I have nothing prepared.
At one of our recent meetings Maureen read out a poem she had written on her smartphone while watching a basketball practice proving that with no pen, paper or dedicated 'writing time' it is still possible to write and get ideas down. Inspired by this I took myself to Café Davitt in Letterkenny during a lunch break and started writing. Forty minutes later I had the start of a poem and something to share with the Garden Room Writers at the next meeting. I'm going to try and catch these 'magic minutes' more often and get something down on paper. Waiting for an opportunity to write, and expecting inspiration to hit at the same time, is precious time lost. Grab the moments and the minutes will look after themselves.

Melting Clocks and Coffee Cups

Melting clocks and coffee cups
Chandeliers and scones
Glitter jars and wooden spoons
Falafel wraps and more

Clink of teaspoons
Stories stirring
Lime-green candles burn
Chalk-board menus
Cake displays
Dalí prints on walls

An invitation
To open the door
What's on the other side?
Mindful murals
Remind us all
To live
To laugh
To love.

By Annalisa Deeney

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