Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Local writer and facilitator Denise Blake will officially launch my debut poetry collection published by Revival Press this coming Saturday in Cafe Davitt. 

The book has been my labour of love for a long time and I'm thrilled with how it has come together. The first poem that I ever had published was published by Revival magazine in 2010. John and I left Milford at lunchtime, drove the then six hour trip to Limerick  to attend the launch and so that I could read my poem. Matthew Sweeney and novelist Roisin Meaney were guest readers at On the Nail that night. We left after the reading and drove the six hours back home. I cherish the memory and am so pleased that my book is being published in Limerick, by Revival Press the imprint of the Limerick Writers' Centre. 

Dominic Taylor has been great to work with, keeping me right along the publishing journey. Denise Blake and Imelda Maguire have been keeping me right for years and this is no different, their keen eyes were the first pairs to read the draft manuscript back in June. 
Little John  Nee, Niamh Boyce and Gerard Smyth said the most wonderful things about the manuscript when they read it.
Peadar McDaid gave me the gift of The Wishing Tree, his painting after my poem, for the cover.  That artists like this were willing and available to support me is truly precious to me. I hope you feel Home does them justice. 

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