Saturday, 26 April 2014

Novel and Novella Submission Opportunities

I started writing a novel once, but I lost interest in the whole idea I was working on (not a good sign!). In the process, I also realised the sheer logistical challenge of writing such a large work. I couldn't dip in and out of it, and setting it aside for a while seemed to leave me behind constantly. Eventually I realised that I was trying to write it at the wrong time in my life - maybe someday, but just not now. It didn't fit with the pattern of  time I'd available - nothing changed there... 

Anyway, it did give me a renewed respect for those who persevere and achieve the writing of a novel. So, for those of you out there battling with the novel/novella form, here are some current and upcoming submission opportunities. See below:

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Novella Award 2014 - the first award in what will become a bi-annual literary event. Deadline 23rd May 2014, word count 20,000-40,000, entry fee €15, final judge novelist Jenn Ashworth. For more details see here  

Peggy-Chapman Andrews Award - The Bridport Prize - Novel Award - deadline 31st May 2014 (open to UK residents only) - the overall competition also has poetry, short story and flash categories. For details of the novel award see here   

Jonathan Cape Submission Opportunity - 01st-30th June 2014  unsolicited manuscripts of novels, novellas, and short story collections. Submit 50 pages, for more details see here

Modern Dreams - Salt - no deadline, ongoing. Looking for submissions to a new series of digital-only novellas. There is no age limit for authors but the novella must deal with 18 to 24 year olds living in contemporary inner-city Britain. See here

The Montegrappa Scholastic Prize for New Children's Writing - as the name suggests this is for children's novels, specifically 7-12 years of age. The winning writer will receive a publishing deal with Scholastic, literary agent representation with LBA books and a weekend for two in Venice. Submit the first 5,000 words of the novel, a one-page synopsis and a short author biography by 2 June, 2014. For more details see here    

The Irish Writers' Centre Novel Fair 2015 - deadline 24th October 2014,  see here

A list of publishers publishing novellas by Out of Print Writing blog - see here 

For the already written and self-published novel:
Guardian Legend Self Published Book of the Month Competition - this will be open for the first fortnight of each calendar month. Authors can submit one novel a month, in any fictional genre. The book must have been self-published after 31 December 2011. The panel will draw up a shortlist of up to 10 titles a month that will then be read by expert judges, with the winning entry to be reviewed in the Guardian, online or in the paper. For more detail see here  

Good luck to anyone submitting.

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