Monday, 26 August 2013

New magazines of writing for children

Magazines for children's literature and illustrations seem to be very rare unfortunately. So, it is a pleasure to see two new Irish magazines devoted to writing for children. So, whether you want to find readings for your children, or submit your own writings, have a look. 

The team from The Moth have recently started publishing a children's magazine called The Caterpillar, see here  The Caterpillar is a very beautifully illustrated magazine aimed at children of around 7 - 11 years old. It has an open submissions policy, so there are no deadlines, and details are here  It accepts poetry, short stories and artwork. The magazine is available to purchase from the website. 

The Looking Glass is also very lovely, and is in its second volume. Well done to the editorial team who are students at Trinity College Dublin . It is available from Trinity College, in selected libraries, and online from the magazine website here   It accepts submissions from both established and emerging writers, and publishes short stories, poetry, novel extracts and artwork.  Submissions are currently being sought for volume three, see details here  The deadline for submissions is 30th August 2013. 

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