Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Raising awareness through writing

Here are three writing based initiatives I've noticed recently that seek to raise awareness of health issues.Two are short story competitions and one is a magazine.

Walking on Thin Ice Short Story Contest  - deadline 01st October 2013 (now extended to 15th November), judge David Lordan, theme mental illness, see full details at website

Write4Autism Short Story Competition - deadline 31st December 2013, judges Declan Burke, Colin Bateman and Lucille Redmond, for details see here

Sorry poets, it's all short stories for the competitions!

Headspace Magazine - focuses on mental health issues, see posting from Emma Toibin on  - there is a call for submissions for Issue 2 deadline 30th November 2013. It accepts prose, poetry,short stories and art on the issue of mental health.

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