Thursday, 10 October 2013

Patrick Ness

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time (a rare occurrence) when I happened to be in Manchester during the Manchester literature festival. After scanning the superb and extensive programme one name jumped out at me - Patrick Ness . Having just read A Monster Calls, a book which I believe should be sold with a packet of tissues, or at the very least a warning to wear waterproof mascara while reading it, I did not hesitate to book my ticket to attend an interview with the man himself.
Talking about his most recent books, The Crane Wife, an adult book inspired by a Japanese folktale, and More Than This, a YA novel, Patrick Ness discussed ideas such as differing perspectives of the truth in a story, kindness versus niceness as a subject and the use of conflict in a story.
The evening was open, relaxed, entertaining and informative. I came home with many nuggets of advice about writing, most of which can be found in this very useful writing tips page (actually, possibly the most useful, comprehensive and honest list of writing tips I have come across).
To compliment the evening the Bookshop Band from Bristol began and ended the evening with original songs inspired by some of Patrick Ness's books.
If you ever get the chance to attend an evening with Patrick Ness I have three words of advice for you...don't miss it!

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