Friday, 21 March 2014

NWW Arts Night Thursday 27th March 2014

Next Thursday is NWW Arts night again in Cafe Blend, Letterkenny. As usual there's a great line up of talent. Here are the details.

The featured writers

BACK BLURB on The Pigeon Man (Guildhall Press):
'In the dim confines of his pigeon loft, Carrie’s granda shares with her secrets more intimate and closely guarded than his formula for nurturing a champion bird. Secrets that, for as long as they remain untold and not believed, will steal her childhood, her future and almost her sanity. Secrets that will leave a legacy that, even for a survivor, lasts a lifetime. Told in the first- and third-person narrative as the past interchanges with the present, the complexity that is the young and adult, public and private Carrie is a chilling metaphor for one of society’s last taboos.'

And, the featured musicians.

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