Sunday, 1 December 2013

Get on yer bike and visit Lumiere Derry

Wow is Derry buzzing! There are four nights of Lumiere ending tonight 1st December, and the city is packed and full of fun.

I went Saturday night and really enjoyed the whole spectacle and buzz around the city centre. I must admit when I saw the queues to cross the peace bridge, I gave up on that part and stayed on the city side. Though by all accounts the Ebrington and St. Columb's Park features are stunning. It might be worth going well early to get ahead of the crowds on that one. The projection onto Austins was just magical and easier to access - once in a lifetime stuff.

After that I went to the Nerve Centre showing of Apocalypse Now. I'd never seen the film on the big screen before. Thank you Cinema City.

What a night in the North West.If you can make it tonight you'll not be disappointed in Lumiere - wonderful, Derry looks great. See here for details.

It's hard to get a proper sense of these illuminations in a photo, particularly the show on Austins that moved and changed and had a sound track too. But here are a a few photos.

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