Sunday, 29 December 2013

My stories published at The Derry Review website and The Weary Blues

I'm deighted to say that I've two pieces published very recently online.  My story Myself Alone was published last week on The Derry Review website here  and  a flash fiction called Cooking for the Dead at The Weary Blues  here.

Myself Alone is a story that I wrote a number of years ago, sent out unsuccessfully to a few publications, and then ended up setting aside for quite some time. This summer I came back to it and re-worked it again. It seemed a fitting one to send to The Derry Review which is a new literary website. Their submission policy is described here The website publishes short stories, poetry, literary criticism and literary biography and is edited by Shea Atchison.

On the other hand, Cooking for the Dead is a flash fiction that I wrote this summer. I had entered it in a flash fiction competition, but no luck there. It was inspired by listening to stories of older people in nursing homes who remembered more of their past than their present. The Weary Blues is an online journal and this is its 5th issue. It takes submission of poetry, stories (up to 3,000 words), visual art and photography see here and is edited by Cal Doyle (poetry), Kate Ahern (short fiction), Nora Duggan (visual art and photography), and James O'Sullivan (founder and editor).  

These are two quite different stories written (and re-written) at quite different times in my writing life. It does show to me once again that stories sometimes have their own time and place - waiting, and trying again, and again are part of the writing life.


  1. Lovely story Deirdre. Brings me back to the "good (?) old days"

  2. Thanks, Pat, I appreciate your comment.


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