Saturday, 14 December 2013

Some online readings - for the festive season perhaps.

Here are some ideas for reading short stories and poetry in online literary journals over the festive season.

Wordlegs (edited by Elizabeth Reapy) Winter 2013, issue 16 here  poetry, flash and short story.

The Weary Blues (edited by Cal Doyle and Katie Ahern) issue 4,  poetry and fiction here

Four x Four poetry journal (edited by Colin Dardis) Autumn 2013 poetry see here

Southword, issue 25 Munster Literature Centre here poetry, short stories, review and criticism.

Burning Bush 2, issue 5 (edited by Alan Jude Moore) poetry and flash, see here

Bohemyth (edited by Michael Naghten Shanks) re-launch here poetry, short fiction and essays.

The Pickled Body (edited by Dimitra Xidous and Patrick Chapman) issue 1.1, The Red Shoes, poetry  here

A New Ulster (edited by Amos Greig) issue 15 here

The Costa Short Story Awards are open for public vote on the 6 shortlisted stories until mid January 2014 see here

Most of the above also take open submissions at various times of the year - see their submission details online.

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