Sunday, 3 November 2013

My story Fallout is in Number Eleven

I'm very pleased to say that I've a story included in issue 3 of Number Eleven, an online literary journal. It's available here For further details of the journal see its Facebook site  and its website 

Number Eleven is edited by Graham Connors and publishes short story, flash, graphic novel artwork and illustraion, all quarterly. Submission details from the website here

My story in this issue is called Fallout and it features adult dolls in various guises. In my younger days (gosh, that makes me sound old), I used to sew a lot - clothes, curtains and many cloth dolls. So, I think I've always had a doll fascination!

I wrote a story a few years ago called Cuddle Therapy about reborns which are very realistic baby dolls. That story is  published here at Wordlegs, another very good online journal edited by Elizabeth Reapy. During the research for Cuddle Therapy (yes, I do sometimes research stories) I came across the adult doll phenomenom. From then, I always had an idea to write something on the subject, but I knew that I wanted to try writing it using more humour than I'd ever tried before. A while later, I happened upon the concept of doll eye contact lenses, and dressing up like a doll. Then I discovered from my teenage daughters  that there were lots of online videos about how to create various costume looks, including the doll version. It was good craic listening to the videos and trying to pick up the make-up lingo for the story. So, it all came together eventually, and this story hasn't changed much since I first wrote and edited it. 

I'm delighted that it's now published, and I'm looking forward to reading the other contributors.Well done Graham and team, Issue 3 is looking good.

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