Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Some upcoming deadlines in November and December

Wow, the winter seems to be here now in Donegal, heavy rain tonight. Wait a minute, don't we get that in summer too. I shouldn't complain really, we'd a great Donegal summer this year.

Well, to cheer ourselves up, what about a few approaching deadlines, and ideas for submitting over the rainy season (no snow, please!). Here are some upcoming submission dates.

Crannog Magazine.- hardcopy journal, open in November for the February issue, poetry and fiction (under 2,000 words). See here for further details.

The Poetry Bus - hardcopy journal, submissions for the next issue are currently open. Poetry only, see details here

Wordlegs - online journal, poetry, flash and short story, open for submissions until 31st December 2014. See here writers must be from or living in Ireland (North, South, East or West!).

Mslexia - hardcopy magazine, women's writing only, poetry and short stories on themed issues. Next deadline 02nd December, issue theme: Troubled Minds. For more details see here

The View From Here - online journal currently open for short fiction (under 5,000 words), but closed for poetry. Seeks the weird, unusual, thought provoking and occasionally bizarre. See here

Long Story, Short Journal - online journal open until 30th November, seeks long short stories (over 4,000 words) and artwork. See details here

Far Off Places -   online journal that publishes short story and drama (max 3,000 words), flash and poetry. Read a past issue here  Deadline is 31st December 2013 see details here

And some with rolling submissions, so no deadline dates:

Honest Ulsterman - a new publication (based on an old one) that's now open to submissions. It has a facebook site here  but, there currently seems to be more information available from its twitter feed @HonestUlsterman. It has a particular interest in Northern Ireland focused work, but not exclusively. Looking for poetry, short stories, reviews and essay proposals. Send to honestulsterman@gmail.com 

The Derry Review -  a new journal which is seeking submissions of short stories, poetry, literary criticism, and literary bio. Website here  commences 8th October 2013, submissions detailed  here  Twitter @DerryLitReview

The Moth Magazine - hardcopy journal, poetry and fiction (preferably under 2,500 words). See here

The Caterpillar - hardcopy journal, poetry and short fiction for children aged 7-11 years old. See here

Irish Independent – New Irish Writing -Stories (2,000 words max) and poems (6 max) they choose one per month to be published in the Saturday Independent on the last Saturday of each month. Entries (with stamped addressed envelope) to Ciaran Carty, New Irish Writing, The Irish Independent, 27-32 Talbot Street, Dublin 1, along with name, phone number and email address. Stories and poems may also be emailed to newirishwriting@independent.ie  Indicate previous publications, if any. The page is open to all Irish writers, or writers normally resident in Ireland. 

The Bohemyth - an online journal publishing monthly, poetry, short fiction, essay and photography. See details  here 

Stand Magazine - hardcopy journal, postal submissions only, short fiction (under 3,000 words) see here

Happy reading and writing. 

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