Sunday, 10 November 2013

National Short Story Week 11th - 17th 2013

This looks good, a national short story week designed to promote that lovely form. There's a website of resources here  a blog here  with tweets @ShortStoryWeek

At The Story Player here  you can even listen to a range of short stories online.

On the subject of short stories, here are some ideas for reading stories online (and flash, poetry, essay whatever is your pleasure). Five Dials is out again from Hamish Hamilton (edited by Craig Taylor), number 29 available here  Also, the new issue of Wordlegs Issue 16 is available here  (edited by Elizabeth Reapy) with some very familiar names featured. Then there's Number Eleven Issue 3 (edited by Graham Connors)  here  - I've a story included in this one.

And, I really enjoyed reading the 6 shortlisted stories for 2013 Shortlist for Short Story of the Year (see here). Well done all shortlistees. It was hard to choose just one to vote for. There were even two set in Donegal. Why not have a read yourself?  

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